The purpose and commitment of Dr. Gardner and the staff of the Nob Hill Chiropractic Center is to serve the people in our community by assisting them to become healthier, more pain free, more alive and complete human beings.

We've been in business for over 30 years. We serve patients with both acute symptoms and those seeking long-term overall well-being.

We intend to do this with only natural means (without drugs or surgery by removing interference or blockage to the God given, innate, life energy flowing in each person's body. We also intend to educate our community to increase their awareness of the value and need for a natural, holistic alternative healthcare.

What client's say
I have been a patient of Dr. Gardner's for 15 years. I'm an athlete as well as a business owner, and I can't afford downtime being sick or injured. With Dr. Gardner's help, he keeps me performing at my peak.
Joanie Griffin/Griffin & Associates
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